Poison Ivy

I am the woman that turns heads. I must admit my natural attributes help a great deal; there arenít so many six foot red heads floating around outside of comic books. Happily I also have the kind of figure thatís fallen out of fashion recentlyÖ. You might remember, the one where the waistline nips in and the best bits are pleasantly curved?! I was once compared to Jessica Rabbit, by someone who wished to insult me. I'm not sure that's so terrible a slur.

I like to think itís not just down to my looks that I attract admirers though.

I place great emphasis on continuing to expand my cultural and intellectual awareness. So I spend a fair bit of time reading, attending galleries, painting and learning new languages. Plus more time than most women would admit to enjoying fine foodÖ if you take me out for dinner youíll find that sensualists take great pleasure in exercising their palate.

When Iím not being an incorrigible decadent I like to spend my time reading, producing photography and video material (admittedly this is mainly sexual in nature! However you'll soon get to share it so Iím sure you can forgive me), dancing salon style Argentine tango, and drinking fine wines. I also play the accordion rather badly, but I can only improve.

I also love to spend time in the countryside; walking, shooting (live and clays), training gun dogs and generally enjoying the wind in my hair.

I like to dress in a manner that falls between austere and provocative, imagine 1940s Italian if you will. So that means heels everywhere thereís a hard surface. I like to support skilled artisans with my purchases so itís more hand-made to measure than ostentatious ďdesignerĒ couture. I donít need the reinforcement of aspirational purchases to validate me; Iím fully aware of, and happy with, myself.

I collect c.1890-1950 medical equipment, particularly traveling surgeonís cases and at this moment in time far too many glass eyes. I also have a weakness for slightly oversised antique mahogany furniture. Not the dainty stuff.

Iím fond of the adage of living your life as if on film. Although mine would probably not get a commercial green light in these times of cultural dearth.

In case you were wondering: they are tattoos and they are real. No-one expects me to be a nice girl with no life experience or deviations by this point surely?!

I think it's important to say that whilst I am active in my local BDSM community the most important aspect of my profession is to establish functional, discreet and appropriate relationships with my clients. I seek to fulfill both of our needs and sexualities. I do not seek a high profile public image or feel that any true elevation of my professional abilities would be derived from such exposure in the general media. That means no salacious interviews, memoirs or features in the papers. Our secrets are safe with each other!

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