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My primary personal interests originate through medical play, bondage, intense verbal including hypnotism, material/tactile/footwear fetishism and torture. I am also keen to explore the psychological elements of chastity training, orgasm control and personal transformation with my clientčle. The equipment and outfits shown will pique your interests if they are aligned I am sure! That said, I welcome enquiries relating to a wide variety of scenarios.

I have judged it best not to give a definitive list of activities in which I engage. It really isn’t comprehensive and doesn’t cover the true psychology so important to any scenario. However I know you might like to reassure yourself that I have the experience and attitude to fulfill specific needs.

My primary goal in any scenario is to forge an authentic bond between us.

Additionally I hope you’re not after a session as easily defined as a list of activities. The devil is in the detail of course, for those of us who’ve moved beyond convention in our repertoire.

With that in mind I would also warn that I do not take submissive, debased, trite, victimised or violated roles within my experiences. It wouldn’t accurately reflect my sexuality or desires and thus it wouldn’t be rewarding for either party.

I don’t really wish to have to provide an exhaustive list of prohibited activities. It’s heavy-handed and negative. You should be able to parse where the line is drawn from my prose.

However if you wish to make enquiries about a specific activity do not be concerned that you may offend me. I understand that many activities draw on taboo subjects for their impact and may contravene conventional societal mores. Therefore if an activity doesn’t engage me it would be a case of lack of interest rather than disgust. I can certainly accurately replicate a disgusted reaction in session if that’s what you’re after, but don’t expect one during the negotiation period.

For me, the finer gradations of awareness, expansion of desires and positive exploration hold greater rewards and interest than reckless and needlessly extreme play forms. That does not mean that I do not enjoy edge and extreme/ esoteric forms of play, merely that I do not rely on the physical equivalent of white rage to be effective in my dominance; I think you’ll find my whispers speak clearly enough. You come for my skills, not for the heavy-handed and indiscriminate mauling of an amateur.

Sessions are also available with additional participants

The submissive gentleman might also like a lady to suffer alongside him and this can raise the bar in terms of what he must endure to remain first in my affections.

Do not let your expectations of a scenario be limited by conventional BDSM frameworks. Many clients enjoy dictating to a submissive which clothing items she should wear to accompany us to dinner, perhaps with electrical or vibrating delights secreted about her person, where her meal will be chosen for her. She could be placed in discrete bondage or extremely high heels to further highlight her helplessness.

If your primary motivation within a scenario is CP I would advise that this will not interest me as being the crux of a scene. Within the wider scope of a session I enjoy discipline and some corporal elements. However I find it a limiting factor when this is the true core of your interests. There are mistresses under the recommended section who are CP specialists and will be able to fulfill your needs to a much more satisfactory degree than I.

Also you should note that whilst my play can be intensely sensual this is should not be confused with physical permissiveness which is not a style of dominance I practice.

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