Firstly, my clientèle is incredibly diverse and not as clearly defined as the labels psychiatrists would wish to ascribe us. Therefore do not feel that at this point in time you must be able to sum up your orientation in one word. A large percentage of my clients do not see themselves as being submissive, many would primarily identify as fetishists. I do not need to restrict your needs or orientations to empower me; I am comfortable and confident enough in myself.

I appeal to those who recognize the value of something truly luxurious. Who are attracted to pursue this route through immaculate taste and refinement. You will be someone who appreciates the fine gradations of perception and response that set us apart from the mass market. I utilize an unusual degree of cultural awareness and education to enact personalised and exquisite ritual. To create something beautiful, a skilled artisan must use impeccable materials. I don’t wish to degrade the prestige of my art by associating it with those of a base or indiscriminate nature. I would hope that this attitude reflects your own.

The criteria for those who wish to come and see me are quite varied. However you must be able to meet to financial requisites. Whilst taste is not related to monetary means I feel it’s a fair demarcation of those who will appreciate the sophistication of experience I offer. Refinement and true luxury are neither available to, nor appreciated by the masses. I aim to offer a more inclusive and encompassing experience than merely the time you spend under my guidance, however you should expect to budget three hundred pounds per hour for this. Such exquisitely performed ceremony is to be earned rather than purchased; yet it must have a place to survive in a financially dominated world. I do not charge for email or telephone contact for those interesting enough to justify it. I also regularly dine, shop and attend events with my clients. These are just a possible part of our relationship. Your patronage allows me to maintain an extraordinary and exceptional lifestyle, which you are privileged to share in session.

You will also need to have a reasonable level of intellect, wit and education. You’ll never hold my interest otherwise and I don’t toy with those I find boring. If you’ve got this far I don’t think we’ll have a problem. If you’re the discriminate, cultured individual who is reading this and nodding we’ll get on just fine.

You should possess sufficient maturity to accept that my methods of scheduling time for my clients mean you may have to wait for an appointment or indeed that I may not be able to accept new applicants at this time. This should also act as a spur to encourage your application and contact to be especially notable.

I currently have availability for very few new clients. It is particularly important to me that I maintain the variety of my areas of interest; I take pains to avoid a glut of any one type of experience at any point in time. I will inform you if this affects your candidature.

If we were to proceed towards a longer term arrangement you should understand that from the outset that it can never be the primary relationship for either of us. It is a necessary part of our relationship to respect our individual commitments to others; this also means you will never be asked to prioritise your arrangement with me over your commitments to work, family and personal well-being. To become overly familiar would inevitably and inexorably diminish the special quality our engagements will have.

I do not desire a live-in or domestic as my sexuality abhors such mundanity; I wish to retain the pleasure of allocating time to decadence.

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