After the initial period of acquaintance we will discuss how best to meet our emerging needs. Some clients have spent so long in the conventional framework of professional services they find it difficult to imagine other options. If this is the case for you I will do my best to work within these parameters, if our relationship proves sufficiently rewarding for me to do so.

However, I would encourage you to apply a more humanistic approach to how we structure our meetings and contact. This requires frank discussion of how desire can ebb and flow, that a meeting should not be set solely by the clock but by the responses of those involved. Some appointments benefit from being extended, others from being kept succinct and immediate with time reallocated. It is this natural approach that I feel offers the greatest benefit. It also opens up the possibility of any contact being part of a more authentic and truthful discourse, where we contact each other to share and motivate rather than merely schedule.

This also allows more creative sessioning. For example an in person experience that has a natural finish as dictated by us rather than a diary, which could lead into a meal or post-session social outing. Or conversely a meeting outside, gallery exhibits for example, leading to an erotically charged encounter. (Have you ever wanted to be accosted by a woman wearing a vicious business suit, seamed stockings and sky-scraper heels? Maybe in a shoe department when she catches your eye?... now imagine thatís perfectly acceptable and entertaining, to be explored with great joy by both of us!)

These type of arrangements usually involve finances covered in advance. These can be done by means of invoicing by a very-boring and commonplace VAT registered business if you so wish.

It seems appropriate to mention the issue of exclusivity and loyalty at this point. Somewhat unusually among professional mistresses I do not demand a monogamous arrangement from you. I do not think that loyalty, the oft-bandied-about term which a mistress may use to describe her need for you to see her alone is a positive concept. You are, I hope, a multi-faceted unusual individual. I recognize this because you will appreciate it in me too. However, it would be extremely naÔve and disingenuous for me to expect all of our interests to align exactly. Therefore if you have a need that I am not well placed to meet (a session of a type I have advised is not stimulating to me) or maybe you just need a change of pace I would happily encourage you to see another mistress. Indeed I would be happy to recommend one more suitable based on reputation, equipment and attitude.

Of course I hope you return energized and ready to offer fresh input into our own sessions! Itís a splendid situation when a client comes to see me brimming with new ideas, especially in longer term arrangements.

The only thing I demand is discretion; you should not mention your sessions with me, the activities covered, the regularity or any other aspect of our relationship. I operate independently and wish to keep my premises and reputation free of any taint of politics, favouritism or exploitation. I do not wish to be placed in a position where another dominant may feel there is competition over a client; it can only engender negative feelings from all parties. If it comes to my attention that you have been indiscreet I will need to discuss the matter with you, in the disappointing and completely avoidable situation that you have been grossly indiscreet

If you feel that you wish to move to seeing another mistress as your primary play partner I will be delighted on your behalf that you have found someone more appropriate and stimulating to you. Although I will miss our time together it is more healthy and positive for everyone to move towards their ideals in term of sessions and participants. It would be courteous for you to inform me you have moved on, into whichever sphere this takes! Likewise if ďreal lifeĒ everyday events become more complex, you may have to take a break from sessioning. Again, not a problem at all! It would be reassuring to know that you are coping and happy occasionally, and if you want to maintain a correspondence.

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