I’m English born although of a fairly rare mix of German and Jewish extraction. I had a privileged upbringing: all private school, cubbing on boxing day and Oxbridge. I loved it, but didn’t really find the following through to being a good little wife with and heir and a spare to be the life I wanted. It’s left me with a frightfully upper-crust accent and delight in the demi-monde. I am the enigmatic heir to centuries of debauchery behind closed doors and whispers of what the butler saw. Having and acknowledging a divergent voracious sexuality puts a woman of my upbringing in a bit of a quandary as to how it might be resolved. No doubt you’ve felt the same strictures yourself… and so here we find ourselves, together.

lightly more information should you require it: my first degree is in East Asian Studies, my PHD in Psychology. I still spend a large percentage of my time furthering my education but I don’t need it to be formally recognized any further.

I retain my ability to drive four-in-hand.

If I have to drink spirits, my poisons are port, gin and smokey single malts.

I split my time between London and my home in the country, I’m a bit untamed “red of tooth and claw” to be confined to the city full-time.

Of relevance to some:

I have been a practicing dominant (using the short-hand term for the spheres I cover) for over ten years.

It’s been the defining characteristic of my life (I hesitate to say profession as I feel it devalues the experience I offer) for seven years.

Whilst I am highly skilled and experienced I actively seek out education and experience to achieve even higher standards in the future.

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