Clients who are approved to progress into the status of a longer-term arrangement receive several benefits.

Obviously their scheduling needs are prioritized above those who have not achieved this stage. This will mean they can be seen within a much broader range of hours. They will also be able to schedule additional participants and outcall appointments.

My receptionist will also be at your service to act as a kinky concierge whereby she can arrange fittings at our discrete premises for your fetish clothing needs with a variety of leading clothing designers. She can also pick up, arrange purchase or delivery of any item that might be considered improper were it to arrive at a home or business address. Secure storage can of course be arranged for these items.

Perhaps the most significant non-session benefit is that they will qualify for admittance to the elite access section.

This offers several specific advantages and benefits to those who choose to take it up

• The section is contained within the website of a consultancy business so it does not appear within the browser history of your computer for your discretion. There are also safety and privacy features which enable you to quickly superimpose a legitimate business page over anything sensitive you may be viewing.

• You will have a private log-in which will enable you to receive and transmit detailed private correspondence to me in the most secure manner. Nothing will be downloaded onto your computer.

• You will be given a personal private facility to store images, links and bookmarks that you might feel uncomfortable having on your own computer or standard online storage.

• There will be an online forum to securely discuss all the activities we enjoy in a completely anonymous manner: you can choose any username you wish. I myself will regularly participate. This is especially appealing for those whose tastes are extremely esoteric or marginalized within society.

• The submissives I work with will all have comprehensive portfolios, profiles and blogs within this section, enabling you to communicate directly with them. This can help you make a more informed decision should you wish to engage a session with them.

I will be updating weekly with photo sets, videos, audio and written material. This will be a professionally produced and the refined product which reflects the sophistication and specialization my work exemplifies.

This area is only available to those who meet the criteria of being particularly valued by me. There is no commercial access available whatsoever. I have created this area as an important part of the immersive experience of a longer-term commitment between us.

The admittance to the site is constantly monitored and policed by my technical support. The server is owned and maintained by for your added peace of mind.

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