Client Profile Form

The purpose of this form is to help articulate your needs in an easy to process manner. It can be awkward when on the phone to, or face to face with a dominant to remember exactly which points you wanted to raise. Thus weve created a document to give us a start point. If you feel you need to expand on or clarify any points place an asterisk and then elaborate in your attached cover letter.

This form is inherently flawed in that it is generic, however it is an excellent starting point and further discussion will enable your experience to be absolutely personalised.

Questions relating to height and body shape are to enable me to pre-adjust and select appropriately sized items for you, not for the purpose of discrimination.

Your name or alias should be something along the lines of James Sutcliffe or James Heavy Rubber. Its so that if you contact me I can quickly reference you.

You should only give a form of contact if it is appropriate to contact you via this method, so not a telephone manned by a secretary for example.

Likewise for education please indicate the nature of your educational background; it can assist in forming a mental picture.

The client profile is only specific to your needs at this moment in time. It is natural that as you develop with our relationship your needs and desires will change at least a little as your horizons are expanded.

Download: clientprofileform.doc (242Kb)

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