Clinical Suite

Harley Street is famed worldwide as a centre for private medical excellence.

My area of expertise is extremely specialized and niche; I think youíll find my practise offers incomparable treatments and results.

The ground floor houses the medical suite.

It is a spacious clinical white space with one of the largest ranges of white room furniture in the UK. One of the most useful pieces of furniture is my five section hydraulic operating bed. This is very comfortable with it's hygienic removable pads, including additional lumber supports. I have a full range of accessories including fully padded gynaeclogical stirrups designed for surgery, arm and hand restraints and attached drip poles and screens. It also includes side rails which are an extremely important safety consideration, especially with inflatables. This table has a ball joint enabling side-to-side tilting though 60° and 180° in the traditional manner. It has a height range of 40cm to 130cm for easy access. It really is a most versatile item!

I have a beautiful turn of the century polished steel gynae table, complete with stirrups and arm board. Visually it's incredibly perverse and the cold polished steel will send shivers down your spine as you are strapped onto it/p>

There is also have a cream enamel dental chair with foot rest, c. 1930-40. Again it is fully hydraulic and upholstered in strong black leather. This rises and tilts, with a fully adjustable back and head rest

Around the perimeter are selected displays and cupboards full of unusual and bizarre instruments and devices. I also have the means to create full European style gummi-klinik scenarios with inflatables, vac-beds, hoods, enclosures, rebreathers and anaesthetic fetish role-play.

I have medical and dental (an underestimated fetish in my opinion) instruments and devices from c.1870 to the present day. These are all reconditioned and ready for service.

I'm considering bringing some of my other medical tables or indeed my Victorian autopsy bench into the medical room, so you can expect a rotating series of additions to this line-up.

Due to the sensitive nature of some treatments I would advise we open a discourse before discussing certain specifics. If you have those proclivities Iím sure you understand.

This is especially true of anaesthetic re-enactment role-plays. Read my advice on discussing these here.

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