I am extremely busy at the moment. Whilst I still have times available for sessions I do not have a huge amount of time during the day to deal with telephone enquiries. You are strongly advised to use email as your contact method as this will achieve the fastest response. I can respond to email at my convenience, which tends to be a lot faster than when I have time to decipher all of my telephone messages. Additionally it is considerably more discreet than a call back when I am available.

I always attempt to respond to all contact in a timely fashion. However your email or message will not be the only one demanding my time and other people may have a place ahead of you in the queue. Sometimes I can respond very quickly as I am at that moment in time attending to emails or messages. Other times it may take a few days. Stay calm, logical and polite. Your contact is important to me, but so is forming connections with people who are not needy or excessively demanding in their contact. I am a dominant; I march to my own drum.

Before contacting me please ensure you have fully read and understood the website. If you contact me for tribute or location enquiries I will know that you have not done so. The impression you will give is of being at best overexcitable and at worst indiscriminate. I have made this website extremely informative and it accurately reflects my personality; the resource is here for you to make a more educated assessment of our compatibility.

I would advise that you take your time to compose a thoughtful email. It is easier to convey yourself well and ask any pertinent questions via email during this nervous first period.

E-Mail ( is my preferred method of initial contact:

New applications and enquiries: Click here

New applicants/ enquiries please note that if you do not use the above link, which gives a specific subject line, you may be directed to a spam folder.

(Make sure that you have read fully activities covered, criteria and standard procedure.)

Existing and returning clients: Click here

Alternatively, enquiries can be made by telephone: +44 (0)207 119 1477

My mobile is: 07564 940 822

Please send a sms rather than leave a voicemail in the event of not getting through.

My apologies as previous phones have been problematic recently. Please use this number for the foreseeable future. If you are unable to get through to me when you call it is better to send a sms requesting a return call rather than a voicemail as I am more likely to receive it in a timely fashion.

Existing clients are welcome to use the mobile number previously given, although the above may result in a faster response.

Are you making an enquiry about my short notice availability within the next seven days?

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