The educational services I offer cover a wide range of applications. I am a credited writer on sexual matters and offer tuition covering a broad spectrum of subjects for private individuals and groups. Whilst the main focus is generally on a technical skill or activity I also encourage people to learn how to convey their grasp of the essential but overlooked skills of communication, relating to the other person/s, negotiation and attention to detail. Thereís also coverage of if things donít go exactly to plan; how to renegotiate, offer appropriate support and aftercare, and ensure that all parties come away with a positive resolution.

Generally these are salon-type or one on one interactions which offer expertise and empathy to enhance and diversify your sexual fulfillment. I often see couples who wish to explore new activities within the safe and nurturing environment of an understanding tutor. Expanding your sexual repetoire and broadening your perceptions can lead to a much deeper connection with your partner/s, and overall healthier interactions.

I can also assist with sexual dysfunction or relationship difficulties related to sexuality.

All services in this area are tailored specifically to the client, but you can request an overview of some previous classes as an example.

There is a strong emphasis on health and safety within my tutoring, coupled with the importance of psychological support for all parties.

I am available for commissioned works only in the sphere of sexual education where sexuality is portrayed in a positive light. My work seeks to de-stigmatise and inform; there are no salacious professional anecdotes or memoirs.

Please email for further information.

Teaching is mutually beneficially for all involved. Firstly, I am able to impart skills which make the sexuality of others more fulfilling, positive and safe. This is in no way a compromise of my professional integrity or threat to the services I offer. Compared to the force of personality that drives attraction and delivers sensual rewards, skills and equipment are secondary sexual characteristics. That said they are hugely important in terms of delivering on the promise your personality puts forth.

Secondarily by educating others I educate myself. I am constantly made to question the reasoning behind certain modes and structures of play. This evolves my own technique at an exponentially faster rate.

Complacency is never an attractive sexual approach.

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