In Person Experiences

The first experience between us usually takes place at my London Premises. Dependent on the frequency of visits we judge to be most suitable it will usually take between one and three months to see clearly the direction our relationship may take

Bear in mind that consent and pre-negotiation are a mutual process. For example, there will be specific limits which are relevant only to our type of play. Some activities are not for the novice player and need to be worked towards. Some activities I just donít cater toÖ usually because I find no personal stimulation in them and find them to detract from the most powerful elements in our play. Therefore, if I feel uncomfortable with enacting a particular scenario with you I will make this clear to you; it would be extremely ill-mannered to attempt to coerce me into engaging in said activity, not to mention futile and embarrassing for you when I make my stance on the matter overly defined.

I schedule audiences and experiences throughout my time. That means I can offer complete flexibility. However, I am careful to make sure that your appointment is scheduled for a moment when I am able to devote my full attention to you. I do not fill my time; I am extremely selective about the people I receive in person and wish to enjoy a finely tuned experience with them. That simply isnít possible when bookings are back to back. You will be expected to respect my scheduling recommendations. There is nothing so undesirable as those who prioritise immediate gratification. We must construct the path towards ultimate rewards together; that will take time together and time spent in reflection.

It is unusual but not unheard of for me to take bookings which start before noon. However you will have to be extraordinarily charming to obtain such a slot as I am emphatically not a morning person.

I understand that you might prefer the additional reassurance of a pre-session consultation. These incur the fee of eighty pounds, the cost of which is deducted from your first session, when that session occurs within six weeks of your consultation. These can be excellent way to decide if you wish to commit further. It also enables you to verify the standard of my premises and equipment. You'll also be able to see that I do in fact look exactly as I do in photographs, though most report on my surprising height! These are not opportunities for role-play or bdsm activities, merely for respectful conversation and to help you discern further our suitability

There are some individuals who recognise their kinky or unusual desire but are unsure as to how they might explore these in a professional session. This obviously requires sensitive and positive handling by an experienced professional. This can be very helpful to novices as we can work on basic interaction techniques and help to hone your expectations. Plus you will learn how to effectively articulate your needs and communicate with your chosen domina. We'll cover subjects relating to establishing appropriate criteria and communication with potential mistresses and I can explain more fully certain activities, equipment and interests. Overall this is a laid back experience, it can take place at my premises or at a more neutral location. There is great emphasis placed on assisting you in exploring your interests in a positive and safe manner. There is no expectation that you would progress into a professional relationship with myself, we are merely working together to help you define and realise your goals. This service is priced at two hundred pounds per hour.

Adult advices

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