Health And Safety

I hold current certification in infection control and sterilization. I also hold OSHA certificates and blood borne pathogens training. I was for many years an APA piercer. I have first aid training and have consulted with medical professionals (many among my clientèle!) for their opinions and experience on certain procedures.

All insertables are sterile. They will have passed though a four stage sterilization process. I have a separate sterilization room with disinfectant soaks, ultrasonic cleaner, vacuum autoclave and cold sterilization facilities. This should carry at least as much weight as anything in my dungeon rooms and implies more than anything else the respect I have for those I play with.

My receptionist is also first aid trained.

All dildos are medical grade silicon. Although they are sterilized a condom is used for cleanliness and to protect them from silicon lubricant.

All steel insertables are fully sterilized.

Disposables (sutures, canulae, blades etc) are used once and then destroyed.

I do not endanger your body or mind and I will protect both when they are compromised in my company.

If the activity you are to engage carries any risk you will be made fully aware of these and the steps we will take to minimize them. You will be in conscientious and educated hands. Whilst I may cause you severe discomfort or pain you will not incur permanent damage or scarring at my hands. This extends over physical, psychological and spiritual boundaries.

There are pulse oximeters and vital signs monitors in place for those who require more in depth monitoring and evaluation.

I am happy to see those with physical impediments although not all of my building is wheelchair accessible. You are welcome to bring a mobility assistant who can sit with my receptionist whilst the session is in progress. Any medical conditions must be fully disclosed on your client profile form. They will not count against your application but they will enable me to prioritise your wellbeing.

If you have a serious medical complaint which might give rise to an emergency in session (acute heart problems, epilepsy etc) you will be asked to bring a sealed envelope with your emergency contact details. We will go through what I will say to anyone in the event of an emergency. The envelope will remain sealed unless emergency services are contacted. You can take it away at the end of each encounter.

The cleanliness of the chambers is absolute at all times; I employ a professional cleaner daily and also personally supervise the disinfection of all surfaces.

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