Longer Term Aims

Your time with me should penetrate you to the extent that it exerts a positive influence on other areas of your life. We are both drawn to these encounters because of needs that cannot be met in conventional relationships, or those which are in conflict with our public personas. Therefore we seek out discrete fulfillment. Some people have a dichotomy of personality that they seek to resolve. Some have psychological issues they wish to overcome in order to work towards true fulfillment in their personal life.

I am to offer a long term commitment to those who have completed the acquainting period. Through frank discussion, renegotiation and adjustment we can grow towards a deeper and more significant relationship. Of course absolute discretion is always maintained. You must recognize the benefit of having someone to turn to who cares for you on a deeper level, prioritises your needs and offers respect. This is only possible in relationships where each participant offers part of their self. This level of trust has always previously been elusive in professional encounters. With this innovative and daring approach you can experience that it is our right to demand and expect authenticity and respect in our experiences.

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