I thought it was high time someone truly followed through on the concept of the femme fatale… and so I did.

My feminine wiles led me to work of the dominant persuasion. I soon realized that my capabilities were far less tritely categorized. I had a very high level of expertise as a mistress but found my scope exceeded the boundaries of it. I was drawn to focus on the more emotionally connected and authentic experience. For me the rewards were in the minute gradations of trust and vulnerability my subjects offered up. How I could use precision and empathy to encourage them to travel further with me. I found persuasion to be underestimated in the force it could effect.

With this fluidity of approach I also realized that a conventional BDSM environment and structure was limiting to myself and those I chose to pursue interactions with. My desire and sexuality certainly didn’t adhere to time limits set by an on the hour start, and sometimes the pre-booked times didn’t reflect the pacing and ideal duration of a session.

I resolved that I would create a different type of environment in which to explore these esoteric erotic pursuits. There would be the highest emphasis on each aspect of the space being exquisitely realized and appropriate. It would be superlatively equipped with items gathered over a decade of perversity and exploration. I wanted a location that allowed one to luxuriate uninterrupted and unaware of the outside world.

Now if you’ve read this far I think you’re ready to be introduced to my parlor of delights for I think we understand each other’s motivations…

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