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Although they are not linked here, this seems an appropriate place to extend my warmest thanks to my loyal clients who have enabled me to have a wonderful and fulfilled existence through their encouragement and support.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Trevor Watson, fetish photographer extraordinaire and David Jackson (of DDI and Bootlovers) for their support in the early stages of my following a professional path. They are good people, please support their endeavours!

I enjoy visiting, and enjoy my membership to:

I buy reading matter here:

I appreciate vouchers towards book purchases, specifically Foyle's or (if you must) Amazon.

Pauillac, Malbec, full-bodied burgundys
If you must buy me champagne I find Krug to my tastes.
Spirits: Tanquery 10, Hendricks, Grey Goose, Chambord, King's Ginger
Glasses from Reidel, I'm a little prone to breakage!

Artists - The photographer and webdesigner responsible for much of this site's aesthetics and ease of navigation. (Plus the repairs to my own tinkering). I recommend him highly.

Every woman likes to be spoilt...
...and what I value most is the potential to experience. Material goods that serve no purpose save their aesthetics will never impact on me to the degree that the opportunity to learn a new skill, create or experience something unique would.

Shoes - hideous website but some good basic models.
I’m a 39/40 european, and around 6.5uk. Natacha has my measurements.

Allow my creativity full rein! Or reign even, to make a poor pun.
Calumet Photo is my favourite but the origins don’t really matter as long as it’s appropriate!
I am currently in the process of upgrading my lenses in order to bring my deserving devotees crisper footage and images.
This is my current list.

Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II
Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM
Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM

(Although as you might grasp, there’s a great deal of potential purchases to be made in the video production aspect and the sooner they happen the sooner the videos will be available to you!)

I need to upgrade my camera body very soon, to take advantage of the HD filming capability of the Canon 7D. At this point in time I would appreciate a uk model more than any other gift!

I would be delighted to receive any medical antique, especially turn of the century surgical, cased or anaesthetic in nature. I really do mean delighted, you would earn significant advancement in my favoritism! Remember: perverts like pervy things ;)
Otherwise vouchers are lovely, but I prefer those with an educational or constructive bent. You can be assured it would be one of my most well-used gifts if it is photographic or video production orientated! Plus it is the gift that gives back to you! I’d even do a special photoset just for you in the event of the gift of a lens.
I also take photography workshops (especially the Calumet ones on fashion lighting!); if you’d like to contribute this would make a huge difference to the quality of images I can produce!

BDSM Equipment
I highly recommend Fettered Pleasures for their well chosen and excellent standard of equipment. They are also genuinely enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their market and can offer helpful advice on usage and safety.
They know me well enough that if you wanted add to my equipment, I am sure their recommendation would be delightful and most welcome. I am currently focusing on doubling up my electrical attachments to assist in availability through both rooms and sterilization procedures.

Twisted Monk - Makes beautiful hemp ropes. These are much appreciated as offerings!

For dildos I always shop at Babes. I wouldn’t wear anything else!

Accessories - I buy my cigars here too. I do still love cigars, Romeo y Julietta or the little Davidoffs for everyday. Bring me a cedar spill and I'll smoke one for you! - I have a cufflink fetish; I am that bizarre. - Only for very discerning, often walks a fine line.

Gloves are sexual. She does some particularly fetishistic ones reminiscent of berger boots.
Sadly all of my delightful clothing has to be made to measure, 37-25-38 on a 6ft body with 35” legs just doesn’t convert into ordinary clothing very well at all. You can help me maintain such a delightful figure through sponsoring my physical activities of fencing (maintains my delightful mind too!), sculling, aikido and bikram yoga. Contact me for details if interested.

Hosiery - Enabling the longer legged lady to get a stocking right to the top of the thigh. Size 11 please. - Sadly sometimes a stocking just isn’t appropriate although these retail some rather unusual ones.

Small things which make me happy

Red, darker reds in lipstick and nailvarnish
Hypnotic Poison Perfume (Dior)
Cuir du Russes Perfume (Chanel)
Amber, pearls. I find gemstones to be terribly gaudy and these more organic substances appeal to me far more.
Diptype candles
Vintage furs, fox or sable. Do not bring me coney, it will find you out on your ear faster than bringing Gordon's gin.
Please note that chocolate generally does not make me very happy. I am, in so many ways, savory rather than sweet.

Other dominants I recommend
If we’re not compatible here are some people I feel have integrity and a professional attitude. I do not exchange reciprochal links with mistresses and these practitioners are recommended on the basis that I would be happy to send any of my own clients to them.

Miranda -
Catering to bondage and medical scenarios, generously equipped and extremely skilled. Unimpeachable professionalism. Located in Hanwell.

Mistress Tokyo -
OK, the caveat here is that she is in Australia. However, I think reading her website would be time well spent for anyone; this woman has a very sexy mind.

Nina Birch -
Delightful, attractive and engaging CP specialist who holds her clientele in high regard.

Xena -
Wrestling and domination from a truly physically impressive woman. Located in North London.

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