Standard Procedure

Youíll make initial contact via email or telephone. If your contact is email (preferred) youíll be writing a short introduction, which should project the experience and interaction you desire to achieve with my assistance. If you telephone you may either speak to myself, my receptionist or leave a message if we are both otherwise occupied. Youíll be asked some questions regarding the nature of your desires and needs, the motivation to seek these, and the outcome you wish to achieve.

I will respond to your email or call and expand on the proposal youíve extended.

If this initial contact seems agreeable we may progress down different routes. Usually you will be asked to fill out a client profile form. The discourse thus opened will usually indicate whether we are compatible and if we should proceed. If I feel another professional will better meet your needs I am happy to recommend you to her. If your needs are extremely complex or you have very specific queries you might have an in person or telephone interview scheduled with myself.

In your initial contact you should be polite and courteous. However you should also be objective and respectful; do not make statements or present yourself in a manner that implies you feel I have already approved your candidacy. This means no inappropriate capitalization, reference to The Mistress as a third person abstract etc. At this point you should be addressing me as Ivy. Not everyone earns the privilege to refer to me by more honorific titles. Additionally you should seek to maintain the discretion of those you have previously visited. I do not require or wish to hear the names of those that you may have previously visited or the activities a specific person enacted with you.

This might seem complicated to an uninitiated pleasure seeker. I prefer to view it as the first stages in a seduction. The better we both understand each other, the more intrigueing we find the otherís persona the more rewarding our interaction will be. I am very keen to maintain a discourse with all my clients, it enables us to really touch the innermost corners of your psyche and expand your experiences.

Some clients would prefer to have the additional reassurance of meeting me in person prior to finalising a booking. I understand this entirely and thus I am pleased to offer the option of a consultation, at my convenience. I charge a fee of eighty pounds for this which is fully deductible against your first booking. You will be able to come and speak with me at my premises, inspect the equipment and ask any questions you may have. These consultations are only offered to those who have passed through the screening process. The consultations are an opportunity for respectful conversation and discourse, not for role-play or any form of bdsm fantasy indulgence. You will be able to verify that I am the woman in the images on this website, that I am equipped to fulfill the activities that I specialise in, and that we do have the potential for a mutually fulfilling relationship

Let's move on to your appointment. You'll usually have a pre-session interview over coffee or a pleasant (though very small!) glass of wine. I request that you do not drink prior to arrival. If you are to be compromised it will be by my hand. If it is appropriate to the experience you seek you'll be invited to undress, place your clothing in a wardrobe and don a toweling robe, then proceed into one of the rooms of assignment. What will happen there I cannot say, for I haven't met you yet. However, what happens there stays behind closed doors. No-one apart from you and I has access to those memories and experiences. Discretion is absolute from both parties.

Afterwards you may wish to make use of the bathroom, to sit and unwind in my office, reflect on the moments weíve just created. Or you are welcome to leave and check in later. Itís important to me that your experience is positive at the conclusion so you will be requested to check in if you donít wish to have emotional aftercare provided immediately after.

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