Upper Floors

Following the stairs upwards you pass along a corridor to the main dungeon space. This is a spacious room with a very high ceiling, antler chandelier and exposed beams. I use hand-picked scented candles and incense to increase the erotic stimulus of the space, engaging all the senses.

There are instruments of delight and depravity hanging on the walls. Multiple mirrors encourage you to observe your predicaments and the origin of the pleasures (that would be me, naturally). The suspension apparatus offers up to seven points of attachment and adjustment with remote control winches. This extends to an apex of over 3 meters in height.

There is sumptuously upholstered furniture for restraint and release. Static bondage items are bespoke and hand-crafted to my exacting specifications. Everything is carefully chosen to be perfectly in place and readily to hand.

This is where much of the heavy rubber clothing and latex bondage equipment is located. This includes a comprehensive and creative range of hoods, straightjackets, binders and other restraints, plus larger sacks, sensory deprivation spheres and inflatables.

Leather aficionados are also well served with a massive and comprehensive selection of items which includes full body bondage, sacks and leather lined inflatables.

Certainly the scope of activities here is never limited by facilities. Everything is meticulously maintained and ready to be implemented; and shows the signs of frequent use and care. This isnít a showroom; this is the room youíve previously had to create and project into your experiences.

This floor is also host to my own office. You might have your initial interview here, in a comfortable armchair or sat on a hard stool, as my whim pleases and as I think is most appropriate for our needs at the time.

The equipment I have at my disposal is a continually expanding collection. I couldnít possibly list all of it here, but suffice to say itís a range that excites me every time I think of itís application.

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